Thursday, October 11, 2012

PORPOISE SONG Re-Mix! Audio AND Video!

This is a long one! I took various released versions of the song, some with the vocals pushed to the front, others with almost no vocals (sometimes layering the different vocal takes), and melded them with portions of other artist's versions of the song (such as those done by BongWater, The Church, and Trouble), and I even brought back the famed ending crescendo! I added continuous backward tracking of the song to the left channel, plus additional bass, cymbals, backing vocals, whale songs, and even a bunch of sound drops (many are Davy Jones-centric) from the 1968 Monkees movie the song is culled from, HEAD! I also added some woodblock effects, bouncing from right to left channel, to provide a constant "click-clack" sound, in order to replicate a ticking clock ("the clock in the sky is pounding away..."), etc...All in an attempt to make this already psychedelic song even more mind-blowing! Get those headphones out and enjoy!

BONUS! Look below for my custom-made accompanying video for the re-mix!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Another favorite! I took the fan-made "out-of-phase" version of this tune, with Micky's vocal washed out, and used that as my basic track, extending certain portions here and there, including the ending fade. I next added in bits and pieces from various available mixes, layering horns here and there, new modified versions of the guitar bridge, separating channels to boost only the bass on the left channel, etc....I then layered in Micky's vocals, only on the left side, using a number of sources, as he did so many great vocal takes on this song! I lastly added my own percussion, playing drums on the left channel, with kick-bass drum on the right, plus cymbals, tambourine, horns, steam whistle effects, you name it!  Slap on your headphones, crank up the volume, and click below!