Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Here's a favorite unreleased song, from the Monkees' 1969 NBC-TV special, 33 1/3 REVOLUTIONS PER MONKEE! It's Michael Nesmith's schizo tune, NAKED PERSIMMON (also known as ONLY THING I BELIEVE THAT'S TRUE), re-mixed here as a longer, more rockin' little tune!

To start, I used the vocal-less track included on the recent Rhino INSTANT REPLAY deluxe CD set, and removed the last country stanza of the tune (combining it with the vocals during the 2nd country stanza here), and added more of the "rock portion" to the front, middle, and end. I layered in Michael's vocals, recorded and adjusted from the TV special, letting his voice bounce from left to right channel (where the two sides "argue" with each other)! I added my own backing vocals and harmonies, shakers, cowbell, hand-claps, harmonica, vibraslap, and general percussion throughout, to re-create and re-present this amazing song! Click below to listen!

BONUS! Click below to SEE my accompanying video for the tune, made up of footage from the original NBC special!