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This is more than just a welding of the many different run-throughs of this song from HEADQUARTERS. Bridging effects were added, elements from other sessions brought in and out, etc. So much came from the Rhino Handmade HQ box set. Lots of fun all the way on this all-Monkees (with some Chip Douglas bass) rave-up!


This came out much better than expected! I took a mono, vocal-less version from the BIRDS, THE BEES... LP, then did some layering and such. Next, I added looped drums and taps throughout, then layered in Micky’s vocals from the TV version. They fit perfectly (with a bit of fiddling)! Who knew? Great ethereal effect! Some vocals from the LP cut remain, and, with some additional effects, bass sweetening,  and lengthening, you have a fresh new take on this 1968 anti-war song!


Here, I took a mono version of the basic track, pre-vocals and Moog effects....added some extra bass, and a few small effects then layered in Micky’s vocals and Moog bits from various sources overtop. I was even able to incorporate portions of the rare mono mix of the finished song, as some effects are different from the stereo LP version of that track. Enjoy!


This re-mix used a rare take that had Michael’s vocals pushed to the right, and, with a little extra bass push, it was already a unique mix. I lengthened the intro, using a mono take (which returns in the middle), and the drum lead-in...Added some shaker, percussion, cymbals, overdubbing, and effects here and there, to make it come alive! Michael’s interview section during the roll-in is from the Monkees’ 1968 Australian press tour. 

UPDATE: I couldn’t resist. Thanks to the new Rhino BIRDS, BEES, AND MONKEES deluxe CD re-issue, I HAD to meld the newly released takes of TT onto my original re-mix, making it even weirder, longer, and better (but not bionic). Mike’s different vocals are added to the left channel, with a few more reverb effects here and there, and a surprise ending!

YOU TOLD ME-Live 1968 Re-Mix!

Here it is! Performed as part of a set that included CIRCLE SKY (recorded during this concert for the HEAD film), this is the tune the Monkees rarely performed live then, or in more current shows! Included on Rhino’s new HEAD deluxe CD set, I took the track, added extra bits before and after the song (from other live Monkees sets), and did a bit of stretching to the tune itself. I also had to restore Davy’s bass (listen at the beginning as Peter shows Davy the bass part before taking over on banjo)  throughout, as lots of drop-out occurred during the recording, (also replacing his bass in the middle with the actual LP track bassline) as it also did with Michael’s vocals toward the end (I “patched in” some of his later vocals there, from the LP cut of the song). Added cymbals, bass strengthening, compression (thanks to Dolan Bigley), drums, almost-buried background vocals, etc, and the tune is brushed off, brightened, and ready to go!


This fun re-mix started with a fan-circulated "out-of-phase" vocal-less base version of the song! I layered back in Micky's vocals, using the recently-released "fuzz-tone guitar" take of the song, from the INSTANT REPLAY deluxe set from Rhino! I wanted to add the fuzz guitar to only ONE channel, over the basic original backing! I enhanced the fuzz effects here an there, with added cymbals, drums, percussion, vocal backing effects, and bass! You'll also hear portions of other versions and takes of the song, as released over the years! I also lengthened the tune, adding various effects and bits at the fade-out, going for a thick, chunky garage band power-pop sound!


Now that we finally have a full stereo version of this once lo-fi song (thanks to Rhino’s recent BIRDS, BEES, and MONKEES box set), what do I do? Send it back into lo-fi land. Sorta. I started with the stereo mix, isolated the horns in the right channel, ran that track thru some filters, added extra bass on that side, some echo effects during later portions of the song, etc... All in an effort to replicate 1920s music and radio listening. Some added instruments such as cymbals, drums, horns, bells, bass drum, slide whistles, and vibra-slap were added, in addition to the radio effects. Can you identify all the Monkees-related drops during the “radio tuning” segments?


To start with my re-mix of this 1969 Monkees classic, I used the rare backing track (newly released by Rhino), added percussion, tamborine, “double drum” effects, extra bass, and some lengthening, along with a few other treats, and away we go on this rocker! Last task was to lay in Davy’s voice tracks from the original release of the song (since no vocals were ever put down on this version), having to cut and place each phrase to make them fit! Some studio chatter culled from a number of other songs and takes were also added. Had this in the works for weeks, when news came of the sad death of Davy Jones.Click to play!


Here is the originally unreleased (tho it's now been over 20 years since Rhino Records featured it on the first “Missing Links” CD-and it WAS used on the original ’66 MONKEES TV run) early tune, but with some changes. I took the master backing track, and added in Micky’s great vocals on the right channel, along with some maraca, tambourine and woodblock sounds...Some more layered effects to bring up the psychedelia factor,  added bass, lengthening, and away we go! I love those opening and closing guitars! WARNING: Just listen once and you’ll never get this tune out of your head! Enjoy!


Here is a new (and extended) re-mix of the “TV version” of this great rocker. Starting with a real 60s DJ lead-in, the vocals were shifted to the right channel, with added bass, fuzz-tone electric guitar (added toHere is a new (and extended) re-mix of the “TV version” of this great rocker. Starting with a real 60s DJ lead-in, the vocals were shifted to the right channel, with added bass, fuzz-tone electric guitar (added to right channel), percussion (some from the LP version), backing vocals, and other effects! 

PO BOX 9847 Re-Mix!

Lots of fun! I took the instrumental track, added some reverb, eliminated the piano from the first sweeps thru the refrain (returns for the final), and upped the bass level in the right channel. Also continued and added the short, recurring string piece that pops up throughout the song. Some lengthening, layered-in ethereal vocals, and away we go! The song now has an even more psychedelic, off-kilter, disturbing feel...Is that good or bad?
Click below to hear the backing track for this re-mix!


This was a real labor of love! I started with the recently-released backing bed of the song, one that went unused by the Monkees in the 60s. I added percussion, effects, distortion (to put it into the psychedelic arena a bit more), backing vocals, as well as lengthening the tune, then ran into a huge problem! The bug? None of Davy's existing vocals for any take of SOMEDAY MAN would fit this slower-tempoed version! Even if I cut each stanza and verse and pasted them into place--no dice! So, I had the choice to post the backing track (with my additions) sans vocals, or (shudder) sing the song myself! 

 And, that's what I did! 

 So, once I laid down the basic vocal (using Paul Williams' lyrics), Dolan Bigley went to work using the Auto-Tuner (thank heavens), and his expertise in arranging and sweetening and polishing things here and there. I then came back in with more harmonies and supporting voice work, whistling effects, and... There you have it. Consider this my tribute to the late Davy Jones.

Click to play!