Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TAKE A GIANT STEP! Live 1/1967 Re-MIx!

Most fans own the much-circulated tape of the Monkees live show from January, 1967, recorded at the Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona (yes, the same live show that can be seen in the "Monkees on Tour" TV show episode that ends their first season). This concert features the usual tunes that the band performed live then, but also contains cuts of rare live takes of PAPA GENE'S BLUES, SHE'S SO FAR OUT, and GIANT STEP! The problem is, the recordings somehow lack the vocals, having been only miked for instruments! Here is my re-mix of GIANT STEP, with Micky's vocals added from the LP version of the song (with extra effects added to help create an authentic "live"sound)! I also added some additional drumming, and an overall stereo effect throughout, to create a sonic artifact of how this great tune probably sounded live during that early '67 tour jaunt! Enjoy!

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