Sunday, April 8, 2012


Here are your favorite Monkees tunes, re-mixed, and re-worked! Lengthened! Heightened! Better! Stronger! Faster (truthfully, in most cases, slower)!
Please enjoy these fan-made remixes! They were done by long-time fan Al Bigley, and are for your enjoyment! Listen at your computer! Listen with headphones! Or just ignore them completely!  

The Monkees are a copyrighted property owned by Rhino Records. All songs here are NOT for sale, or are being sold. These are offered only for fan enjoyment.
Each page has a different tune, so be sure to check out all the re-mixes!


  1. LOVE this site, awesome work..

    I always wished that 'Justus' would have had some remixing, adding some vocal banter between songs like you heard just before Mike's 'Don't Call on Me'.. People LOVED hearing the guys just banter between songs, some of the best stuff. Anywho, AWESOME WORK.

    Speaking of 'Pisces' my favorite CD track listing from Rhino's CD starts off with Peter's 'Special Announcement', then Mike's 'Salesman' (with his banter at the end), 'She Hangs Out' is dropped, but I add 'Goin Down' right before 'Star Collector' to beef up the '2nd side'.. It works MUCH better.

    Again, great site sir..