Saturday, June 30, 2012


This was a real labor of love! I started with the recently-released backing bed of the song, one that went unused by the Monkees in the 60s. I added percussion, effects, distortion (to put it into the psychedelic arena a bit more), backing vocals, as well as lengthening the tune, then ran into a huge problem! The bug? None of Davy's existing vocals for any take of SOMEDAY MAN would fit this slower-tempoed version! Even if I cut each stanza and verse and pasted them into place--no dice! So, I had the choice to post the backing track (with my additions) sans vocals, or (shudder) sing the song myself! 

 And, that's what I did! 

 So, once I laid down the basic vocal (using Paul Williams' lyrics), Dolan Bigley went to work using the Auto-Tuner (thank heavens), and his expertise in arranging and sweetening and polishing things here and there. I then came back in with more harmonies and supporting voice work, whistling effects, and... There you have it. Consider this my tribute to the late Davy Jones.

Click to play!

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