Saturday, June 30, 2012


This re-mix used a rare take that had Michael’s vocals pushed to the right, and, with a little extra bass push, it was already a unique mix. I lengthened the intro, using a mono take (which returns in the middle), and the drum lead-in...Added some shaker, percussion, cymbals, overdubbing, and effects here and there, to make it come alive! Michael’s interview section during the roll-in is from the Monkees’ 1968 Australian press tour. 

UPDATE: I couldn’t resist. Thanks to the new Rhino BIRDS, BEES, AND MONKEES deluxe CD re-issue, I HAD to meld the newly released takes of TT onto my original re-mix, making it even weirder, longer, and better (but not bionic). Mike’s different vocals are added to the left channel, with a few more reverb effects here and there, and a surprise ending!

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  1. You should make this a Download,Al! This is an Awesome Remix!