Saturday, June 30, 2012

YOU TOLD ME-Live 1968 Re-Mix!

Here it is! Performed as part of a set that included CIRCLE SKY (recorded during this concert for the HEAD film), this is the tune the Monkees rarely performed live then, or in more current shows! Included on Rhino’s new HEAD deluxe CD set, I took the track, added extra bits before and after the song (from other live Monkees sets), and did a bit of stretching to the tune itself. I also had to restore Davy’s bass (listen at the beginning as Peter shows Davy the bass part before taking over on banjo)  throughout, as lots of drop-out occurred during the recording, (also replacing his bass in the middle with the actual LP track bassline) as it also did with Michael’s vocals toward the end (I “patched in” some of his later vocals there, from the LP cut of the song). Added cymbals, bass strengthening, compression (thanks to Dolan Bigley), drums, almost-buried background vocals, etc, and the tune is brushed off, brightened, and ready to go!

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